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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name corrupted mean?

What does corrupted mean? Damaged. Broken. See corrupted file and corruption.

Is the Bible the word of God or corrupted?

The Bible has not been corrupted, altered, edited, revised, or tampered with. Any unbiased document scholar will agree that the Bible has been remarkably well-preserved over the centuries. Copies of the Bible dating to the 14th century AD are nearly identical in content to copies from the 3rd century AD.

What does corrupted mean?

Corrupt can also be used as verb meaning to destroy the integrity of someone or something or cause someone to be dishonest. The state of being corrupt is corruption. More generally, corrupt can be used as an adjective that means depraved, debased, or having been made worse in some way. Can you describe someone as corrupt?

What is another word for corrupted?

treacherous. two-faced. underhanded. unfaithful. unprincipled. wide open. See also synonyms for: corrupted / corrupting / corruptive / corruptly / corruptness / uncorrupted / uncorrupt. boorish. depraved.

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