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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proactiv MD really work?

The Proactiv MD system is based on the active ingredient Adapalene, a powerful retinoid that works at the cellular level to stop acne, prevent it from coming back while also nourishes your skin. Also, the Proactiv MD system does not include benzoyl-peroxide so the manufacturer promises that this skin care solution is...

What works better than proactive?

Aspirin and clay masks can be a wonderful natural alternative to Proactiv acne treatment. Aspirin is not only a drug that can cure headaches, but it’s also great ally if you are fighting against pimples and acne. It’s an anti-inflammatory that brings inflammation associated with acne down.

Does proactive really work?

Proactiv uses agents that have been proven to fight acne. Benzoyl peroxide is often used in knock-off products, since it works so well, but it arguably does its best work in Proactiv, according to the manufacturers.

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