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Frequently Asked Questions

Was the A-12 faster than the SR-71?

The numbers show that the A-12 was a little faster and could climb a little higher than the SR-71. It was, after all, a significantly lighter aircraft. Of course, the A-12 couldn't carry as much fuel, and its sensor payload was less, but an A-12 was spared the need for a 2-man crew.

Does the SR-71 Blackbird have stealth capabilities?

Because yes , the Blackbird was using stealth technology. It was actually the first operational aircraft using stealth features. Of course, it did not have a low radar cross section as modern fighters have, the SR-71 had an RCS of about 10m^2 while for instance the F-22 Raptor looks like a marble on the radar.

What is the SR-71 capable of?

The SR-71 was capable of Mach 3.2 at 85,000 feet, its maximum altitude. In the end, the A-12 was able to produce higher-resolution photography, but the SR-71 became the successor due to its side-looking radar and cameras. This ability meant the SR-71 could achieve its reconnaissance missions without penetrating the airspace over enemy territory.

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