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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-disclosure agreement in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts employers frequently require employees to execute a non-disclosure agreement to protect trade secrets, so they can prevent providing other organizations with access to confidential information that may give them a competitive advantage.

What are the trade secret laws in the state of Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Law on Non-Disclosure Agreements: Massachusetts has developed legal principles to protect trade secrets through legislation and case law. In the Massachusetts statute on taking trade secrets, there is a prohibition on taking qualifying information through such acts as embezzlement, stealing, fraud, copying, and other misconduct.

Can a non-compete agreement be enforced under Massachusetts law?

Lists 10 ways that enforcing non-compete agreements can be challenged under Massachusetts law, with links to cases and statutes. Non-competes in the workplace: Examining antitrust and consumer protection issues, FTC. Includes video, transcripts and related resources.

Can a court double the amount of damages in Massachusetts?

Note that Massachusetts law does allow a court to double the amount of damages if the judge finds it appropriate. Federal Law: The majority of statutory and case law on non-disclosure agreements is the domain of the individual states, but there are some federal statutes on the topic.

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