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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of a mascot?

Mascot Job Description. Mascots strive to entertain fans in the stands at sporting events. Working to generate spirit for schools and teams, mascots must be outgoing, social individuals. They appear at games and participate in local events to encourage game attendance. They work to engage fans and create loyal followers.

What is the worst college mascot?

Recently, The Spun’s Andrew McCarty included two SEC mascots — Missouri’s Truman the Tiger and Vanderbilt’s Mr. Commodore — among bad company. Vanderbilt’s mascot was rated No. 7 and Missouri’s mascot No. 9 among the 10 worst mascots in college athletics.

What colleges have mascots?

F. The Falcon-United States Air Force Academy, Bowling Green (OH) State University. Fandango-a costumed falcon mascot of Messiah College. Fear, The Gold Knight-mascot of the College of Saint Rose. The Fighting Okra-name of the unofficial mascot of Delta State University since the late 1980s.

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