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Frequently Asked Questions

What state has the most marijuana?

Colorado leads the nation with 21.6% of people reporting use of the drug. States with fewer marijuana restrictions tend to have higher cannabis use rates. All four states where recreational marijuana use is legal — Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington — are among the 12 states with the highest use rates.

How many people have died from cannabis?

Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose. In 2010, overdoses were responsible for 38,329 deaths. Sixty percent of those were related to prescription drugs. In the same year, a total of 25,692 persons died of alcohol-induced causes, including accidental poisoning and disease from dependent use.

Who has died from smoking marijuana?

Gemma Moss, 31, was killed by the level of the drug in her blood, an inquest heard. The regular churchgoer, who was found dead in her bedroom, is thought to be the first woman in Britain known to have died directly from cannabis poisoning. Her death was caused by cannabis toxicity, and a coroner recorded a verdict of death by cannabis abuse.

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