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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PME requirements for MARADMIN 521/14?

PME REQUIREMENTS BY GRADE MarAdmin 521/14 contains complete PME promotion requirement information. Active Duty and Active Reserve (continued) Gunnery Sergeant/E-7 Current:  Complete MarineNet DE “Advanced Course” (EPME7000AA) OR Complete the MCI DE 8200 “Advanced Course” (must have been completed prior to 1 Jul 2012).

When does the promotion MARADMIN for 1 April 2004 come out?

The promotion MARADMIN for 1 April 2004 is published on 25 March 2004. The Marine meets the required cutting score for his intended MOS of 0241 and, if recommended, should be promoted on 1 April 2004. If the Marine’s intended MOS is not reflected in the MCTFS, a “SELECT GRADE” will not be generated.

What are the maradmins for the CDET program?

These are MARADMINs concerning CDET's programs and your education. MARADMIN 083/21, Application Process for Reserve Officers Applying to the CDET CSC and EWS Funded Weekend Seminar Program with Start Dates within Academic Year 2022 (See the MarineNet page for more details .)

Can you be selected for promotion without PME in the Marines?

Selection boards will consider Marines who have not completed the appropriate level PME for their grade prior to the convening date of the selection board to be less than fully qualified for selection for promotion and will not select them for promotion. The following Professional Military Education Requirements apply: a. Staff Sergeant.

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