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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Civil Division of Fulton County Magistrate Court?

The Civil Division of Fulton County Magistrate Court processes these pre-judgement and post-judgement claims.

Who is the Clerk of Superior Court in Fulton County GA?

The Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts Cathelene "Tina" Robinson is elected by the voters of Fulton County. The Office of the Clerk of Superior Court maintains a comprehensive record of all civil and criminal actions of the Superior Court and prepares papers of accusations, indictments and dispositions of cases.

What does eServices do in Fulton County?

eServices. . . . In keeping with her promise "to improve the overall customer experience through enhanced technology and an elevated level of efficiency," Fulton County Superior & Magistrate Court provides and efiling platform (excluding filings for Magistrate Court Criminal matters and abandoned motor vehicles).

What do you need to know about the Fulton County Marshal's department?

Confirm the service address is in Fulton County. Plaintiff (s) must confirm the address for service is in Fulton County. The Marshal's Department will not issue a refund of a service fee if the Marshal's Department determines the address for service is not in Fulton County.

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