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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a history of American magazines?

A History of American Magazines (five volumes, 1930–1968), detailed coverage of all major magazines, 1741 to 1930 by a leading scholar. Nourie, Alan and Barbara Nourie. American Mass-Market Magazines (Greenwood Press, 1990) online

What is the largest magazine subscription service?

The Largest Magazine Subscription Service Since 1999, has been the trusted online source for magazine subscriptions. We are proud to provide you with amazing magazine subscription deals and huge discounts on your favorite magazines. Magazine subscription prices are updated daily to reflect our lowest price approved by the publishers.

What is the difference between a newspaper and a magazine?

Magazine, also called periodical, a printed or digitally published collection of texts (essays, articles, stories, poems), often illustrated, that is produced at regular intervals (excluding newspapers). A brief treatment of magazines follows. For full treatment, see publishing: Magazine publishing. Read More on This Topic.

What is magazine in English?

English Language Learners Definition of magazine : a type of thin book with a paper cover that contains stories, essays, pictures, etc., and that is usually published every week or month : a radio or television program that discusses different topics : a part of a gun that holds bullets

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