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Frequently Asked Questions

What does made in Italy mean?

Made in Italy Product. MadeinItaly Product. Just like the words "Pizza" and "Pasta","Made in Italy" is one of the most famous expression in the world. The popularity of the 100% MadeinItaly mark carries its own responsibility.

What is the MadeinItaly certification?

The MadeinItaly Certification is the only one to guarantee product authenticity. Every type of certified product gets an advantage in terms of: Certify your entirely MadeinItaly production. You will be recognised in the world for the higher quality granted by the protection mark.

Why Madmad in Italy?

Mad in Italy’s madness stimulates creativity, present in Italy’s DNA. In our frames color, technology and materials are merged in a creative way. Madness is a key distinguishing factor without ever being extravagant. Italy’s past gives Italians the gift of good taste and a sense of beauty.

What does the MadeinItaly Mark mean?

The 100% MadeinItaly mark represents the production quality, the creativity and the style which are famous all over the world. The real Italian Style which is appreciated for elegance, chosen for design and desired for beauty and originality. MadeinItaly Product.

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