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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is maddening mode so difficult?

Players who attempt the difficulty without the correct preparations or strategies may find the difficulty more than they are willing to put up with . One of the key factors when completing Maddening Mode is to make sure that one using the strongest units at their disposal and making the most out of their resources.

What do I need to know before playing maddening difficulty mode fe3h?

A guide to useful tips you need to know before playing the Maddening Difficulty Mode in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). Here we list all the necessary info like Limited Experience, Best Ways to Strengthen Characters, Recruitment Tips, Best Classes, and other tips you might not know you even need!

How important are support units in maddening mode?

In Maddening Mode, it's understandably easy to get tunnel vision about using the units that are capable of withstanding the most hits and dealing the most damage. However, having the right support units to back up one's army can make or break a strategy.

What is the best strategy for maddening?

Fighting smartly by attacking enemies from a distance is crucial when playing maddening specially at the start of the game. This also makes bow users a better unit to recruit than other units. Good alternatives are weapons that have range like Hand axes and Javelins. Recruiting Everyone is great for three reasons.

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