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Frequently Asked Questions

How does maddening hex work?

But Maddening Hex does throw a wrench in it ... As a bonus action, you cause a psychic disturbance around the target cursed by your Hex spell or by a warlock feature of yours, such as Hexblade’s Curse and Sign of Ill Omen. When you do so, you deal psychic damage to the cursed target and each creature of your choice within 5 feet of it.

How do Hex curses work in DND 5e?

You can choose one valid target, which must be a creature you can see within 30 feet affected by your hex/hexblade’s curse/etc. The effect then happens once, affecting the target and each creature you see and choose within 5 feet of the target. The blanket rule of 5e is that rules of the same name do not stack.

Can you use maddening Hex with A quasit?

To use this invocation, you must be able to see the cursed target, and it must be within 30 feet of you. Maddening hex does say it must be within 30 feet of YOU (not your familiar) so I suppose that won't work, but you could easily be out of line of sight with your quasit invisible looking at the target with you viewing through its eyes.

How long does the maddening Hex curse last?

Hexblade curse only lasts 1 minute and hex lasts 1 hour but it requires concentration. So if you break concentration, there goes the maddening should end.

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