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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of maddeningly?

If you describe something as maddening, you mean that it makes you feel angry, irritated, or frustrated . Shopping in the January sales can be maddening. It is, in its way, a maddening biography. The service is maddeningly slow. 'Aha!' Dave nodded maddeningly. Slowly, maddeningly, a smile surfaced on his face.

What is a synonym for maddening?

Synonyms for maddening. Synonyms. abrasive, aggravating, annoying, bothersome, carking, chafing, disturbing, exasperating, frustrating, galling, irksome, irritating, nettlesome, nettling, peeving, pesky, pestiferous, pestilent, pestilential, pesty, plaguey (also plaguy), rankling, rebarbative, riling, vexatious, vexing.

What is the meaning of maddening in Spanish?

1. adjective infuriating, exasperating, annoying, irritating, upsetting, provoking, aggravating (informal), vexing, irksome, bothersome Shopping in the sales can be maddening. it's (quite) maddening! → ¡es desesperante !, ¡es como para desesperarse!

What is a good sentence for maddening?

He has a maddening habit of interrupting other people. She shows a maddening inability to control her children. Recent Examples on the Web The double standard was blatant and maddening, as was the lack of scientific evidence for the travel ban in the first place.

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