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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lsc17 score for AML?

The LSC17 score provides clinicians with a rapid and powerful tool to identify AML patients who do not benefit from standard therapy and who should be enrolled in trials evaluating novel upfront or post-remission strategies.

Are lsc17 scores associated with adverse cytogenetic and molecular features?

As in the training cohort, high LSC17 scores were significantly associated with adverse cytogenetic and molecular features, failure to achieve CR, and shorter EFS and relapse-free survival (RFS) ( Extended Data Fig. 2d–g and Extended Data Tables 2, 3 ).

Which genes are most common between LSC + and LSC − cells?

These findings suggest that the 104 genes most DE between LSC + and LSC − cell populations are associated with stem cell transcriptional programs that are shared between LSC and normal HSCs/MPPs. Figure 1: Analysis of LSC-specific GE identifies an optimal 17-gene prognostic signature.

How many LSCs are present in CD34 + mice?

Prkdcscid.Il2rgnull (NSG) mice ( Extended Data Fig. 1b ). Consistent with previous reports, the majority of CD34 + and a minority of CD34 − fractions contained LSCs 11, 12.

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