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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is llrs Realty&Management?

LRS Realty & Management, Inc is a full service property management company in Southern California established in 1988 specializing in the managing, leasing, and sale of single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments.

Why choose LRS Bakersfield?

Everyone else at LRS have been very helpful also. LRS has managed our property in Bakersfield for over 2 years now. Lily has been a wonderful administrator every step of the way. We really enjoy her thoroughness and the ability to get the job done. Thank you Lily for all you have done.

Why choose LRS property management?

LRS has been managing our property for nearly 10 years and is truly a top notch company. They consistently provide world class customer service and work diligently to ensure our property is leased and taken care of. Kerrie Faris has been an outstanding property manager. I highly reccomend the company!!

What is the LRS difference?

The LRS difference is in our unique real estate management strategies. Our management strategies have been formed over years of experience and stress the cohesion and efficiencies between our property supervisors, property managers, on-site as well as our office staff.

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