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Frequently Asked Questions

How many number combinations in Lotto 649?

If you have been playing Lotto 6/49 for many years now, chances are, you have been doing it all wrong. The lotto-649 game format produces a total of 13,983,816 playable combinations. So if you play one game, your probability of winning is one in almost 14 million chances.

When does Lotto 649 draw?

The latest Lotto 649 results are available after the draws carried out two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 9:20 p.m. EST (UTC – 5:00). Players can buy tickets for each draw separately or use specially chosen (favorite) Canada Lotto 649 numbers for several draws in advance.

Can I play lotto 649 online?

Playing Lotto 6/49 online is no different from in person. Choose six numbers from the guess range of 1-49 either by selecting your numbers manually or by using the Quick Pick random selection option. A bonus number drawn from the same drum decides the second and sixth prize divisions.

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