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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lost Dog Café located?

© 2017 Lost Dog Café - 222 Water Street, Binghamton, NY 13901 607.771.6063FreshySites - Website Design.

What does the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation do?

The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation (LDCRF), a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation devoted to helping homeless dogs and cats find forever homes. Today, LDCRF finds homes for 2,000+ animals per year and estimates more than 30,000 lives have been saved since its inception.

What if there are no reservations at lost dog?

Keeping with Lost Dog tradition, most of our tables are kept open for ‘walk-in’ guests. If there are no reservations available, give us a call 15 minutes before you plan to arrive, and we can add your name to our waitlist (if there is one at that time!)

What do I do if I find a lost or found dog?

Report your lost or found dog so that you can be notified when a matching dog is registered. We will also email our Neighborhood Watch about your lost or found dog. Neighborhood Watch is a community of dog lovers who receive notifications any time a lost or found dog in their Postal Code area is posted on Fido Finder.

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