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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lost Dog Café?

Lost Dog Café began in a tiny storefront space in Arlington’s Westover neighborhood in 1985 as a small unassuming wine, beer, and cheese shop. Owners Ross Underwood and Pam McAlwee started small, dreamed big and worked countless long hours until things slowly fell into place as the Lost Dog Café, a Northern Virginia destination well known...

What is the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation?

The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation helps homeless pets find their way into loving homes through rescue and adoption. We offer same-day adoptions and two-week trial periods. PLEASE NOTE CHANGES ASSOCIATED WITH COVID-19.

What kind of chili does lost dog have?

Lost Dog Style with white beans, flavorful chicken and tomatoes in a chicken broth served with tortilla chips on the side. Full bodied mild chili made with ground beef, beans, and corn topped with cheddar and green onions. Our veggie chili made with red, white and black beans simmered with spices to create an all-time favorite.

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