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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate coax cable loss/antenna gain?

dB SWR Loss: dB Total Loss: dB Power Out: W Online Coax Cable Loss / Antenna Gain Calculator Enter dB Loss Of Cable Per 100 Ft. At The Desired Operating Frequency Enter Length of Cable in Feet Enter Power into Cable in Watts Enter Gain of Antenna in dBd This program is provided "as-is".

What are the different types of coax cable and line loss calculator?

Types of Coax Cable and Line Loss Calculator Belden Belden 8215 (RG-6A) Belden 8237 (RG-8) Belden 9913 (RG-8) Belden 9258 (RG-8X) Belden 8213 (RG-11) Belden 8261 (RG-11A) Belden 8240 (RG-58) Belden 9201 (RG-58)

Which coaxial cable is best for TV signal booster amplifier?

R56 coaxial cables are best for television sets. A cable TV signal booster amplifier has the potential to change the way you watch television by improving the signal and providing better quality. Choosing the right amplifier is crucial to get the output you are looking for. We hope our article helped you in that regard.

What is the best coaxial splitter for Comcast?

The splitter is built to the best coaxial splitter specifications of SCTE standards and is UL listed. The F-entrances are capacitive coupled for hum modulation prevention. The Antronix 2-way works with Xfinity, Comcast, Optimum, RCN, COX, Spectrum, Wow, and other cable providers.

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