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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Liu Xiang?

Liu Xiang ( simplified Chinese: 刘 翔; traditional Chinese: 劉 翔; pinyin: Liú Xiáng; born July 13, 1983) is a Chinese former 110 meter hurdler. Liu is an Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion.

What did Liu Xiang do in the 2008 Summer Olympics?

Liu Xiang was on Time magazine Asian edition's cover of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games titled "Liu Xiang & 99 More Athletes to Watch." Liu donated approximately 2,500,000 yuan (364,000 USD) to 2008 Sichuan earthquake relief efforts.

Who is Liu Qishan?

Liu is an Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion. His 2004 Olympic gold medal was the first in a men's track and field event for China . Liu is one of China 's most successful athletes and has emerged as a cultural icon.

Is Liu Xiang back in the Samsung Diamond League?

Liu Xiang is back – Shanghai REPORT – Samsung Diamond League. IAAF. Retrieved 2019-10-12. ^ "Liu Xiang regains honor at Daegu worlds". Sina Corp. August 29, 2011. Retrieved October 12, 2019. ^ Brown, Matthew (2012-02-18). Liu Xiang, Clarke, Ennis and Defar delight Birmingham. IAAF. Retrieved 2019-10-12. ^ Arcoleo, Laura (2012-03-11).

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