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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Liu Bang?

This is the quotes of Liu Bang, The Han Emperor and one of the protagonist of the manga. Well, let make this battle quick and stylish shall we? (Stage begin)

Why did the Chinese create so many legends about Liu Bang?

When Liu Bang became emperor, legendary tales about his origins were created, so as to provide legitimacy to his rule. This process of myth-making was continued and proliferated by Chinese historians even after the emperor’s death. Mythical Ancient Emperors Who Fought Over the Birth of China - Who Started It?

What was Liu Bang's attitude towards education?

However, Liu Bang himself was originally a rough person who disdained educated men. This continued even when he became emperor and his point of view only changed when he met the scholar Lu Jia, who convinced the emperor of the merits of ruling the empire according to Confucius’ teachings.

Why is Liu Bang called the “Duke of Pei?

Upon his meteoric rise, and just before his conquest of China, he was also addressed as the “Duke of Pei,” as his beginnings can be traced back to his hometown Pei County. Liu Bang was born from a peasant family.

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