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Frequently Asked Questions

How did King Liu Bang die?

Liu Bang was wounded by a stray arrow during the campaign against Ying Bu. He became seriously ill and remained in his inner chambers for a long period of time. He died in Changle Palace (長樂宮) on June 1, 195 BC and was succeeded by his son Liu Ying, who became historically known as Emperor Hui.

Who is Liu Bang?

Liu Bang was born to a peasant family in 256 in Fenyu Village (枌榆社), Zhongyang Township (中陽里), Feng County (豐邑) in the state of Chu during the late years of the Warring States Period (475–221 BC). The young Liu Bang was outspoken, charismatic and of great generosity and forbearance.

What happened to Lady Qi after Liu Bang passed away?

After Emperor Liu Bang passed away, Lv became the empress dowager and her son the next emperor. She was still sad and angry about her husband had planned to replace her with that Lady Qi. So Lv shaved that Lady Qi’s hair, cut her limbs, and let her crawl in silt to death.

How did Liu Bang's dynasty last 400 years?

He died in 195 BC and was succeeded by three minors in turn, with real power held by his widow, the Empress Lu. It is a tribute to the stability of the system that Liu Bang had put in place that his new dynasty survived such a vulnerable period, and lasted with a short break for the next 400 years.

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