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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Little Caesars have gluten free pizza?

Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu. Here is the complete Little Caesars Gluten-Free menu. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get any pizza, and there isn’t much else either. Little Caesars, doesn’t claim that any of their food is gluten-free, but they do provide a list of the allergens present in their specific food items.

Does Little Caesars deliver to me?

Answer: yes, Little Caesars offers delivery right to your door. You can order delivery online here, or at, or Add Your Little Caesars Review! Please share your experiences, or complaints, about Little Caesars below.

Does Little Caesars have cheese pizza?

Calories in Little Caesars Cheese Pizza. One slice has about 240 calories . Of those 240 calories, 30 percent are from fat, 51 percent are from carbs, and 19 percent are from protein. See the table below for additional nutritional information such as sodium, cholesterol, and sugar. 1 Slice of Cheese Pizza Nutrition.

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