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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Caesars Pizza phone number?

The customer service number of Little Caesars is 800-722-3727

Does little Ceasars have heart shaped pizza?

Little Caesars Pizza is not making heart pizzas for Valentine's Day. But they are offering the Hot- N-Ready Meal Deal for just $9.00. Eh, I ordered Pizza Hut this morning to be delivered after DH gets home tonight. I don't really care too much about the shape of the pizza, lol.

Does Little Caesars have bacon pizza?

Little Caesars Now Baking Bacon Wrapped Pizzas (Review) If you don’t have a bite of bacon, then the diner is likely to get a taste of slightly spicy pepperoni. Along the crust, the crispy bacon provides a unique taste on the crunchy exterior of the pizza. So for those who eat pizza crust first, or interior first, there is always bacon.

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