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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Predators of the Little Blue Heron?

Adult great blue herons have few predators besides bobcats, coyotes and occasionally large raptors, but heron eggs are susceptible to predation by crows, gulls, ravens, foxes and raccoons.

What does the Little Blue Heron eat?

Little Blue Herons eat mostly small fish, supplemented by a variety of small amphibians as well as crustaceans, grasshoppers, dragonflies and other invertebrates.

Where do little blue herons nest?

Great Blue Herons nest mainly in trees, but will also nest on the ground, on bushes, in mangroves, and on structures such as duck blinds, channel markers, or artificial nest platforms. Males arrive at the colony and settle on nest sites; from there, they court passing females.

Is the Blue Heron a carnivore?

Blue herons are carnivores that eat a variety of aquatic and land prey, including fish, frogs, turtles, young birds, bird eggs, snakes, insects, mice, moles, gophers and other small mammals.

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