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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the adapter for my LiteOn laptop?

1 Please press "Ctrl+F" to find the adapter for your LITEON laptop by Adapter Part Number.

What is LiteOn premium?

Liteon professional optical disc drive manufacturer Liteon Premium is with unmatched value-propositions Lite-On IT Corporation's Non-Plunger Latch Granted US Patent Lite-On Announces the 220 g eBAU108 External Slim DVD Writer – The Lightest and Most Convenient DVD Writer in the World

What does Lite-on announce at Computex 2011?

Lite-On announces the ultimate portable drive the 13.2 mm thick eUAU108 - the slimmest, the lightest external DVD writer in the world. Lite-On gets sneak preview of MyDisk Suite at Computex 2011 Lite-On announces USB - powered external slim DVD-ROM drive All material or information provided on this website is indicative only.

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