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Frequently Asked Questions

What is listsource used for?

ListSource is a lead source for real estate professionals who want to build targeted direct marketing lists. They provide targeted leads for several industries outside of real estate as well. ListSource serves real estate agents, investors, and brokers who want to grow their business and connect with more homeowners, property owners, ...

Where do the leads on listsource come from?

Leads on ListSource are highly segmented by demographics, buying behaviors, location, property criteria, mortgage equity data, and more. All lead data on more than 134 million properties across the United States comes from CoreLogic.

What is listlistsource?

ListSource is a real estate lead generation company that helps agents easily build targeted marketing lists to make prospecting easier. But does it work? Read on to find out. Disclaimer: REthority is supported by ads and participation in affiliate programs.

How much does listsource cost in Scottsdale AZ?

To further illustrate what you can expect to pay with ListSource, we decided to get a quote for all leads in Scottsdale, AZ. As you can see, the pricing is $0.3164 per lead. For all 138,146 leads in Scottsdale, the cost is $43,706.63.

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