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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to a listserv list?

You may subscribe to any of the lists as a daily digest as follows: Type in sils-jobs for example, and click the Visit button. Click My Account tab on the left. Then enter your subscribed email address, click OK and enter your ListServ password and click OK.

How does the listserv ccmanagers work?

The list is open to local government privilege license tax officials. No one moderates the list. Thus, messages sent to the list are immediately mailed to every participant. The listserv ccmanagers offers a platform for city and county managers to discuss issues that arise in their day-to-day professional environment.

What is the lgre listserv?

The LGRE listserv will act as a forum to enable Local Government Real Estate professionals to talk with colleagues across the State. Discussions will include questions and issues faced in the acquisition, disposition, leasing, and asset management of publicly-owned property. Click subscribe to be added to the electronic mailing list.

What is the lglawyers listserv?

The LGLawyers listserv is an email communication forum primarily intended for attorneys who represent North Carolina local governments.

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