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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the North Carolina human resources listserv?

The listserv was established to allow human resources professionals to communicate with and learn from one another and is open to all North Carolina state and local government employees. We hope that it will facilitate discussion among those with similar questions, concerns, and interests.

What is the North Carolina Emergency Management listserv?

This listserv connects state and local government emergency managers in North Carolina to communicate with each other about issues generally affecting emergency management. It is open to all state and local government emergency management personnel and government officials involved in emergency management.

Who can view the listservs?

Since the listserv technology is managed and supported by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a public institution, all listservs are open to be viewed by any visitor. Membership is restricted to people who work for local government in the area of administration and service that the listserv represents.

What is the nclgisa listserv?

The listserv is used by budget officials across the state to ask questions, to solicit best practices, and to advertise positions. The listserv also is used to promote the annual conferences of the association. The NCLGISA is open to anyone who works for local government IT in NC.

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