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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cemeteries keep records of who is buried?

The majority of cemeteries around the world keep records in respect of the people buried on the grounds, including the location of the burial plot, the date the burial took place and in some cases, information related to the person responsible for the purchase of the plot.

Where can I find cemetery records online?

The cemetery archives that can be found online are patchwork information portals that offer any information that is submitted by groups or individuals. However, the cemetery records that some of these sites keep are not verified.

What are cemetery records and headstones?

Two types of cemetery records – burial records and headstone inscriptions – record information about people who have died. Burial records are records of the actual burial event. They vary in the amount of information they provide, but might contain:

How do I find out what happened to a lost Cemetery?

Cemetery records are extremely valuable in cases where cemeteries are destroyed or relocated, which makes the process of tracking information related to the individuals whose remains may have been affected. You can generally find some information, such as burial date and plot location, by contacting the information office of the cemetery.

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