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Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does Linedata have?

With 20 years’ experience and 700 clients in 50 countries, Linedata’s 1100 employees in 20 offices provide global humanized technology solutions and services for the asset management and credit industries that help its clients to evolve and to operate at the highest levels.

What does a Linedata financial expert do?

As Linedata Financial Experts, you will work with the most well-known hedge funds, and investment banks in both the American and European financial centers. Sales and Client relationship managers' role is to build a long-term partnership with our clients to ensure they receive the best technology and services to support their operations.

What does the acquisition of Linedata mean for the company?

This acquisition enables Linedata to expand its outsourcing business and enhance its presence across Asia whilst offering truly global, around-the-clock services to its clients. Linedata celebrates its 20th birthday.

What is Linedata's acquisition of gravitas?

This acquisition enhanced Linedata’s comprehensive, global platform across its clients’ entire investment process with support for all asset types and structures. Acquisition of Gravitas, a leading provider of middle office and technology services based mainly in New York (USA) and Mumbai (India).

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