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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the point of Line Rider?

I remember when I first discovered Line Rider, that Flash game from 2006 with the simple premise of drawing a track for a sledder to ride on. I was immediately sucked into it, doing things like devising elaborate tracks for the rider to overcome, building worlds for the rider to explore, and manipulating the rider to perform stunts.

Is Line Rider a good track?

The fade out and white fog lends itself well to the aesthetics of Line Rider and I’d like to see more uses of it. In the past, track makers would have the goal of making impressive scenery by making it really dense with details. Yes, it’s impressive, but is it tasteful?

Is Line Rider still soundtracking vids?

Now, it's been a good few years since Line Rider's inception in 2007. Thankfully, folks are still soundtracking vids with The Matrix: Reloaded score. Some things never change.

Is it possible to tell what bits of track are affecting riders?

It becomes impossible to tell what bits of track are actually affecting the rider. By the time it closes out into seamless animation, shimmering with depth and momentum, I've stopped even trying.

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