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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Line Rider advanced?

Line Rider Advanced is open source, and hosted on Github. Anybody can make edits to or view the code Foreword Lots of changes here, a lot to get used to. There is a video to accompany this release here: New Features Select tool Line Adjustment Tool has been renamed to the Select Tool Draw Read more…

Who is Line Rider developed by?

Developed by Emergent Studios. © 2020 Boštjan Čadež. "Line Rider" is a registered trademark of Boštjan Čadež

How do you LifeLock a rider?

You can now try to lifelock while the rider is alive, and it will wait until you move the line to a place that kills the rider to "enable" You can move a line along its axis by moving the line and holding shift. (ctrl + shift, if you grab it by the nodes), additionally, you can move a line perpendicular to its axis (up/down) by holding x as well.

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