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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my laptop have white spots on the screen?

if the spots are areas where the scren is more white, more bright, that could be pressure over the screen, when you transport the laptop and you push the screen or apply pressure, sometimes happens.

What does it mean when your monitor has spots on it?

Cracks and Spots If you see a crack or blotch on screen which is significantly different than other colours on the display, it means that the LCD has gone through some physical damage. It can result due to the monitor falling off, liquid splashes on screen, sharp item hitting the screen or any similar event.

Why do LCD screens have bright and dark spots?

In this way, the light through different cells can be displayed on the screen in different colors. In fact, all the bright spots is not an LCD defect, LCD dead pixel, including highlights and dead (dark) two, they produce the basic principle is the same. The LCD display works.

How do I check if my notebook has a bright spot?

Please tilt the Screen/Display of the Notebook slowly towards back and the front side, check and verify if the BRIGHT SPOT is seen at all the angles of the display

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