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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of boats are available for sale in Louisiana?

The most popular types of boats for sale in Louisiana today are Pontoon, Center Console, Aluminum Fishing, Bass and Bay boats, while the most common boat brands available are Avalon, Tahoe Pontoon, Godfrey, Crestliner and Lund.

Who is the only liftboat manufacturer?

Today, EBI is the only liftboat provider in the world who designs, manufactures and services all of their liftboat components such as their offshore marine cranes, liftboat legs, liftboat jacking systems, and more. What is a liftboat? A liftboat is a self-elevating, self-propelled, offshore supply vessel.

How many powerboats are there in Louisiana?

Powerboats are more common than sailing boats in Louisiana with 706 powerboats listed for sale, versus 12 listings for sailboats. The most common engines on powerboats in Louisiana is outboard, inboard, outboard-4S, inboard/outboard and outboard-2S while the majority of powerboats listed have gas, diesel and other fuel systems.

What is an offshore liftboat?

Liftboats have been used in the Gulf of Mexico to service and supply offshore platforms as well as performing other offshore operations for the Oil & Gas industry. Liftboats play an important role in the Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico as well as emerging markets all over the world.

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