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Frequently Asked Questions

How does counterspell work on Leshrac?

Counterspell severely reduces Leshrac's magical damage. Leshrac already burns through his own mana with Pulse Nova, Mana Break will burn through even more. Leshrac's high mana pool will increase the amount of damage Mana Void does to him when his mana is low.

How do you counter levelleshrac?

Leshrac (and any caster) is hard countered by heroes and items able to silence the target or prevent the use of skills. Here are some examples: The Orchid Malevolence with a 5 seconds silence is a desirable item on many gankers, and later on can be upgraded into the Bloodthorn.

How do you deal with Leshrac?

Lifestealer can get in Leshrac's face with Rage and mitigate any other damage taken by Leshrac with Open Wounds. Nyx Assassin's Spiked Carapace will stun Leshrac when hit by any of his AOE abilities. Mana Burn deals high damage due to Leshrac's high intelligence gain and burns a large amount of Leshrac's essential mana pool.

Is Leshrac a support or core?

Leshrac can usually be played as a core or a support. Played as a support, Leshrac has powerful disables that can greatly aid his team in fights, and can deal tremendous damage to enemy towers as well. His nuking spells also allow him to obtain gold fairly reliably for buying more support items.

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