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Frequently Asked Questions

How does aghanim's Scepter work with Leshrac?

The active Hex disables a dangerous target and set up for Split Earth. Aghanim's Scepter allows Leshrac to essentially decrepify nearby enemies, slowing them and boosting the damage of his abilities.

Is Leshrac the tormented soul a good hero?

All values shown are without talent bonuses. Leshrac, the Tormented Soul, is a ranged intelligence hero who is known for his ability to put out a tremendous amount of area magical damage. His array of spells makes him a dangerous foe to stand around, as he can disable and nuke down anyone who dares to stand against him.

Who is Leshrac?

Once a worldly philosopher, the hideous truth at the heart of existence twisted Leshrac into the vile being he is today. The Split Earth beneath his hooves opens to consume the unsuspecting, while Lightning Storms strike down entire fields of foes. He pronounces a Diabolic Edict, saturating the air with bouts of magical explosions.

What are Leshrac's strengths and weaknesses?

The strength talent effectively grants Leshrac 400 health and 2 health regeneration. One of Leshrac's greatest weaknesses is his long cast animations. In order to counteract this, good positioning and prediction are key, as Leshrac must stand still for an extended period of time before the spells takes effects.

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