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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LegalZoom worth the money?

Yes, LegalZoom is worth the money. While other businesses touted as the best cost significantly less, LegalZoom gives you the best value for your money and filing fees and is less expensive than Rocket Lawyer. Is LegalZoom legitimate? Yes, LegalZoom is legitimate.

Is LegalZoom good or bad?

LegalZoom has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, it has a large number of negative customer reviews and customer complaints. Likewise, it is rated 3.3 out of 10 with, though this is only because of 13 reviews. The most common fault customers find with the company is its poor customer service.

Does LegalZoom really work?

LegalZoom is an online source of various legal documents that a person may need. This service is said to be a more affordable option and also claims to offer the advantage of providing the documents quickly and easily. The documents, ranging from various legal purposes such as contracts, divorces, copyrights,...

Is LegalZoom reputable?

A People’s Choice is a Reputable Alternative to LegalZoom. If you need legal document help, A People’s Choice has a great reputation for providing exceptional service and is a great alternative to LegalZoom A People’s Choice is a non-attorney legal document service dedicated to helping customers represent themselves in legal matters.

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