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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LegalZoom really work?

LegalZoom is an online source of various legal documents that a person may need. This service is said to be a more affordable option and also claims to offer the advantage of providing the documents quickly and easily. The documents, ranging from various legal purposes such as contracts, divorces, copyrights,...

Is LegalZoom worth it?

LegalZoom is Not Worth it When Seeking the Best LLC Service. With LegalZoom’s LLC formation service, you are paying extra fees for everything. Instead of wasting money with LegalZoom you can download the forms for an LLC for free, and pay the filing fee to the state if you want to do it yourself for some reason.

Is LegalZoom practicing law?

Accordingly, LegalZoom has allegedly gained an unfair competitive advantage because it does not have to pay to follow federal and state laws regarding the practice of law. And although "LegalZoom represents on its website that it does not practice law, this representation is false and/or misleading," according to the complaint.

Is LegalZoom legitimate for Wills?

As long as you ensure the legal service provider you are working with complies with federal and state laws, online will services are legitimate and hold up in a court of law. You will find that both LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer have both licensed attorneys as well as legal professionals on their staff to helpfully get your paperwork completed.

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