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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LegalShield a scam?

Legal Shield sells real legal services from real attorneys in the US and Canada. Every attorney is legally able to practice law and attorneys are screened before they are accepted into the network. Based upon the facts, there is no reason to assume that Legal Shield is a scam whatsoever.

Is membership in LegalShield worth the cost?

While looking around, you might have come across LegalShield. So, the big question is, is LegalShield worth the money? The short answer is yes! LegalShield provides you with a multitude of different legal services for a minimal monthly membership fee. Immediately have access to legal assistance from the network of attorneys across the country.

What is legal shield phone number?

Legal Shield Customer Service Phone Number. The Customer Service Phone Number of Legal Shield is: +1 (580) 436-1234, (580) 436-7424. Legal Shield is a legal consulting service provider in the United State.

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