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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'legally blind' actually mean?

Legally blind is defined as with best correction, your better seeing eye sees worse than 20/200. That means if one eye sees 20/400 and the other sees 20/20, then you are not legally blind. The definition also involves visual field restrictions of less than 20 degrees (most people have around 120 degrees).

What qualifies someone as legally blind?

To qualify for federal benefits as a blind individual, you must be legally blind. That means your vision is not correctable to at least 20/200 in your best eye, or you have a visual field of 20 degrees or less in the better eye.

How to tell if you are legally blind?

An eye doctor will measure visual acuity and visual field to determine if a person is legally blind. A common test for visual acuity is the Snellen eye chart . Someone who is legally blind would be able to read only the top line of the chart, a capital E while wearing corrective lenses.

How close Am I to being "legally" blind?

During that test, you may be considered legally blind if your peripheral vision is about 20 degrees or less. Legal blindness means that your visual acuity is worse than 20/200 or a visual field that is less than 20 degrees even with the best possible correction.

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