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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neptune operation?

Operation Neptune. Operation Neptune was the cross-Channel crossing phase of Operation Overlord. Operation Neptune placed all naval issues under the command of Admiral Bertram Ramsey whose command skill had already been seen in 1940 with the part he played in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk.

What is Neptune Spear?

Neptune, the Roman God of the sea, carried a spear called a trident. Neptune is most commonly depicted standing with his trident in his right hand. The trident was said to have magical powers, which he used to manipulate the sea.

What was the Operation Neptune?

Operation Neptune (video game) The goal of the game is to guide a small submarine through a variety of undersea caverns, collecting pieces of a ruined space capsule. Like other games by The Learning Company, Operation Neptune is educational and was intended for players age nine to fourteen (grades five through nine).

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