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Frequently Asked Questions

What are honeypots cybersecurity?

A honeypot is a cybersecurity mechanism that uses a manufactured attack target to lure cybercriminals away from legitimate targets, and also gathers intelligence about the identity, methods and motivations of adversaries. A honeypot can be modeled after any digital asset, including software applications, servers or the network itself.

What is a honeypot in network security?

slide 1 of 4. Honeypots Honeypots are used in network security as a passive means of network defense against attack. Honeypots in general are computers located on a network or in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) of your firewall. These computers are used to give attackers a false sense that a real computer is being analyzed.

What is a honey pot spy?

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: honeypot(Noun) A pot of honey. honeypot(Noun) A place which attracts visitors. honeypot(Noun) A trap set to detect or deflect attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. honeypot(Noun) a spy who uses sex to trap and blackmail their target. honeypot(Noun) Vagina.

What is a honeypot website?

A honeypot site is a location attracting a large number of tourists who, due to their numbers, place pressure on the environment and local people. Honeypots are very often used by cities or countries to manage their tourism industry.

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