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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hoa laws?

HOA law refer to the laws governing the Home Owners’ Association (HOA). HOA is an organization set up in real estate development for the maintenance and management of the common assets or areas.

Does a HOA board have legal authority?

The legal authority of homeowners associations is bestowed upon them by state law and their governing documents. The extent of this authority can vary from HOA to HOA, though, so homeowners must check to make sure. How do I fight back against my HOA? Homeowners have a handful of options if they don't agree with the HOA.

Can I take legal action against the Hoa?

Because an HOA is a legal entity, you can file a lawsuit against it and ask a court to get involved. A judge can order the HOA to obey its own rules. A court can even decide that a certain rule is unfair or unconstitutional and order it to be stricken or removed from the HOA governing documents.

What are the responsibilities of a HOA board?

HOA Board's Powers and Duties. The governing body (or board of directors) of the HOA is responsible for the management of all aspects of the association. It may delegate management of certain activities to other persons or businesses, such as a property management service, but it must retain ultimate control.

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