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Frequently Asked Questions

What is standard legal software?

Standard Legal will-making software is a dependable program that is easy to use while doing your own will. It integrates directly into your Adobe Reader program, which makes it easy to preview and save your final document. This does present some challenges since it limits the tools available.

Is it legal to sell software?

In most cases it is entirely legal to sell and buy used software (actually you are selling your right to use the software, or your license) if the seller removes all traces of the program from their computer(s). This is the same as selling a book or a DVD.

What is legal software systems?

Legal Software Systems, Inc. Innovative software designed specifically for law firms. Support that is the envy of the industry. Legal Software Systems, Inc. (“LSS”) has been delivering the perfect balance of software and service since 1984.

What is legal billing software?

Best Legal Billing Software. Legal billing software ensures lawyers and law firms collect payment for their time and effort. These billing systems are optimized for the law profession and incorporate features like time tracking, invoicing, and some accounting capabilities.

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