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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Legal Aid Society do?

A legal aid society is an organization whose purpose is to serve financially challenged people who need legal help, usually sponsored by the local bar association's donations, sometimes with some local governmental financial support.

What is the phone number for Legal Aid Society?

If you have a legal issue and you feel that you may qualify for our services then we strongly urge you to call the helpline at: 1-800-9 LAW AID (1-800-952-9243)

How do I apply for legal aid?

Applying for Legal Aid. To apply for aid you must fill in the application form and send it to a legal aid office together with proof of means. Usually, this will be a copy of a pension card (or, if working, two pay slips), and copies of bank statements for the last two months. These must be sent in with the application.

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