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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Salesforce personas I learned in previous units?

The Salesforce personas you learned about in previous units are based on data gathered from thousands of Salesforce users. You may need to do some work at your own organization to understand how your users map to these personas. To do this you can put some of the skills you learned in the UX Research Basics module to work.

Does your Salesforce user story need a rewrite?

Salesforce business analysts can use the INVEST checklist (created by Bill Wake in 2003) to assess the quality of a user story. If the user story doesn’t meet one of the checks, it probably needs a rewrite. A successful user story is: Independent: User stories should be independent and not overlapping in concept with another user story.

What are the most common user story mistakes in Salesforce?

Here are a few common user story mistakes and tips for how a Salesforce business analyst can steer clear of them. The project team didn’t engage in story writing. Result: The user story will not represent the multiple perspectives of the project team. Extensive rewrites of the user story is inevitable.

What is the purpose of the Salesforce1 stories app?

The App allows for the capture of user stories from any Salesforce1 device using common business language. For those of us who carry our laptops to meetings the Browser works just as well, minus the Siri of course. I expect to see this flow seamlessly to the Salesforce1 Desktop App that is coming soon #SafeHarbour <– you see what I did there eh?

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