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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buying a car is better than leasing?

When Leasing a Car Is Better Than Buying. If your monthly bill is a major concern, leases offer savings in the short-term. While you might pay a bit more interest, the principal portion of your payment is usually considerably less than that of a loan. As a result, lessees are often able to afford more luxurious cars than they otherwise could.

Is leasing a car really better than buying?

By far the biggest advantage of leasing a car instead of buying it is that you are going to end up with lower monthly payments and that is something that you and your wallet will appreciate every single time that you have to make a payment! We all know that the cost of buying a car is much higher than it is to lease one.

When is buying a car better than leasing?

When it comes to getting the best deal, buying is generally much better than leasing. It also gives you more flexibility in how you use your car. When people decide to lease a car, it's often because they're focused on the short-term picture. Leases usually require a smaller down payment and feature lower monthly payments than a loan.

Which is better, to buy a car, or to lease a car?

For most people, buying rather than leasing is a better financial move. While car payments for buying a car are typically quite a bit larger than lease payments would be for the same car, you get to own your car once you've paid the money back. Lease payments, on the other hand, just go into the dealer's pocket.

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