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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose leasing Baltimore?

Leasing Baltimore was founded on integrity, professionalism, hard work and trust; values that never waver. We proudly carry the Leasing Baltimore name as a symbol of quality and integrity.

What is we leasing?

We are a leasing company providing vehicle leasing and fleet management services to small-medium sized business concerns requiring one to a hundred vehicles . In addition, the company provides services to the Diplomatic community and both federal & municipal government agencies under the GSA contract or open-market contracts.

Why choose Premier trailer leasing?

Premier Trailer Leasing is covering more ground than ever before. With new locations across the country, you'll get greater efficiency and flexibility than ever. We offer real-time GPS tracking plus geofencing on all leases and rentals. And all Premier reefers come standard with refrigeration monitoring.

Why Lease Your Company vehicles?

Leasing your company vehicles will provide the maximum possible tax advantages. You eliminate carrying a depreciating asset on your books. Your company's borrowing capacity with banks and other lenders remains available for other needs. Lower monthly payments means more available capital for your business.

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