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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LearningHub?

The LearningHub provides classroom and online training services to learners at six BC health organizations and HEABC-affiliated organizations. The LearningHub is open to health care employees, physicians, students and volunteers.

What is learnsap Learning Hub?

SAP Learning Hub is available on a subscription basis and offers several flexible licensing options. Collaborate with peers and SAP experts in an interactive online environment with expert-hosted live sessions and content on SAP-related topics. Work on fully configured live SAP learning systems without leaving your desk.

What can you expect from SAP Learning Hub?

SAP Learning Hub is tailor-made for this critical challenge. Experience SAP Learning Hub with an SAP expert – ask questions and get guidance by registering for one of our upcoming webcasts, or view recordings on-demand. Enhance business success and empower innovation with solution proficiency in multiple SAP solution areas.

How do I create an account with the dbhids Learning Hub?

Go to DBHIDS Learning Hub at The, “ Create Your Account ,” button will take you to a form to complete. Read the eligibility criteria for creating an account with the DBHIDS Learning Hub. If you do not meet criteria, you will not be able to complete the form. If you do meet criteria, click, “yes.”

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